Easy, Professional Graphics with Canva

Ever since I became self-employed and no longer had access to a licensed copy of the Adobe Creative Suite, I have been looking for a solution to my basic collage and design needs. When I found out about the existence of Canva, I simply went berserk with excitement.

Here’s what I love about Canva:

  • You can make any design, ranging from the very basic to the highly sophisticated with little or no graphic design knowledge or experience
  • Most designs can be created completely free, using Canva’s free stock photos and pictos (if you use Canva’s more specialised stock images, they charge you $1/image, which is extremely affordable)
  • They have fresh, modern templates and fonts for all sorts of common designs, including infographics, social media cover photos, posters, invitations, etc.
  • It’s extremely easy to use and search for the elements you want to incorporate in your design
  • You can download your designs in multiple low- or high-quality formats for print and web.

Who needs expensive graphic designers when you can whip up your own images, infographics and collateral for free in a matter of minutes?

Check out my new bio, which I made entirely with Canva and it only took me about an hour, and a few more examples of quickly whipped up graphics made with my own images:


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