Access the Well of Free Resources that is ”Think with Google”

You may already be using key Google tools like Google Webmaster Tools, the Keyword Planner or the Search Console. Chances are, you haven’t heard of Think with Google or used it much yet; here is some info about all the free resources hosted within it and what they can help you accomplish.

TRVL’s Attempt at Reinventing Travel Bookings

You may have heard about TRVL -- a Dutch startup created by an ex-Appler, that's trying to disrupt the entire travel booking industry by offering individuals the ability to curate travel experiences, including hotels and flights, and thus become travel agencies of one in exchange for commission. TRVL presents themselves as a "revolutionary peer-to-peer travel booking … Continue reading TRVL’s Attempt at Reinventing Travel Bookings

10 Reasons Why Freelancers are Better for Your Business

Today there are still preferences within more traditional and conservative companies to hire and retail full-time employees -- the perceived advantages of doing so are based rather on myths and misconceptions than actual facts. Let's look at some of the ways in which freelancers are better for your business than permanent employees and dispel some of these outdated beliefs.