Social Media Strategy

As part of my customised Social Media Strategy service, you will receive expert guidance from a senior digital strategist and social media expert in the following format:

  1. An introductory half-hour call, where I learn more about your business and social media properties, target audience, current challenges and goals, and how best to assist you
  2. A customised, detailed, high-quality report (> 50 pages), in which I:
    • analyse the status of your business’ social media channels based on your target audience (up to 5 different channels)
    • report my observations
    • provide you with my feedback and recommendations for: the optimal social marketing mix for your business, channel and profile optimisations (incl. branding), reaching your target audience, follower growth, increasing your conversion rate, influencer engagement and social advertising/selling
  3. A summary half-hour call, in which we go over my analysis and report in detail together, I highlight the biggest red flags and most urgent action items for your social properties, and answer any questions you may have.

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