Ina served as my direct supervisor for nearly two years while I worked at SCD, Inc. Ina is a natural leader. She is direct, thoughtful and organized. She has a sense of humor and is able to motivate her team with an appropriate balance of work and play. Ina tackles tasks head-on. She creates a strategic game-plan and resists knee-jerk reactions. She’s a strategic thinker with a visionary outlook. Perhaps most importantly, Ina looks out for members of her team. During my tenure at SCD, Ina encouraged me to attend seminars, conferences and other professional development opportunities. She endorsed my decision to attend graduate school, even though it would result in my leaving the company. Ina tends to thrive in challenging situations. As such, I would comfortably recommend her for nearly any position. However, she is particularly skilled in marketing, new technology and solving problems that require creative solutions.l

Jolene Goldade, Public Relations/Communications Coordinator at Hopkins Public Schools