Why should you work with me?

Here are some good reasons. Digital marketing agencies can cost an arm and a leg these days and most of the time all they deliver is canned PowerPoint presentations packed with fancy words, quotes and graphics, but offering little in the way of practical ideas that are proven to work and that you can apply to your business, today. If you’re not a big enough fish for these fancy hipsters with thick eyeglasses, they won’t even give you the time of the day or bother pitching for your business. That’s why hiring a freelancer who has the capacity and willingness to really look at your specific business needs and how they can be solved using a sensible digital marketing strategy, is the more cost-efficient, personalised, and profitable approach.

Aside from being an experienced social and digital marketing specialist who devises social tactics and plans integrated campaigns within the wider communications strategy, I aim to harness data through human understanding instead of chasing technology, and placing content and experience at the heart of all messaging.


My objective is to establish relationships between elements in the digital world. It’s like giving a new sense to things through a fresh perception, about the way people see or hear what you want to tell them. My role is to help pass the right message to the right people, using the right words, the ones that will be understood by your audience.

I work across earned, paid and owned media. I specialise in developing and delivering social, web, advertising and e-marketing campaigns through careful qualitative analysis and KPI definition, CPA setting and tracking, UX research, content development, branding, community management, blogger and influencer outreach, SEO / keyword research across all devices and platforms. Basically a jack of many trades, as every modern marketer should be!

I consider myself open and direct, result-driven, detail-oriented, efficient communicator, creative problem-solver, team player and motivating people/resource/process/project manager, who enjoys tackling dynamic, multi-cultural challenges. .

I am a fan of simplicity, minimalism and clarity. I build campaigns around powerful insight into people. I use these insights to craft relevant, high impact, measurable campaigns to deliver my clients’ objectives.

Get in touch for a chat, I look forward to meeting you: